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Here, you will find highlights of each month's print issue – including excerpts from our award-winning short stories, our book-review column The Jury Box, and The Mystery Crossword.The place to be for a good mystery!
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EQMM June 2014

  In This Issue:

Our June issue goes on sale as awards season is heating up, heralding in the presentations of the Edgar Allan Poe Awards, the Malice Domestic Convention's Agatha Awards, and the EQMM Readers Awards. This issue contains stories by two of this year’s Readers Award winners: Dave Zeltserman, with a new case featuring Julius Katz and Archie (“Julius Accused”), and British author Marilyn Todd, who brings us a story in the Claudia Seferius series (“Bad Taste”).

We have two other tales from British authors, one with the return of a series character, and one introducing a new one: In Amy Myers’ “Parson Pennywick and the Murdered Owler,” Parson Pennywick tackles (and gets tackled by) foes very close to home, and in Liza Cody’s haunting story “A Hand”—the first for us starring Shareen Manasseh—the detective negotiates a slippery case involving unearthly suspects, occult clues, and seemingly supernatural experiences.

In Bill Pronzini’s “Hooch,” set on the Prohibition-era Californian coast, a bootlegger’s assistant (and wannabe mystery writer) doesn’t quite know how much his casual chatter will change his life, and the same goes for an ostensibly innocuous, albeit rash, act by a young Brooklynite searching for direction in Dara Carr’s story “When I’m Famous” from the Department of First Stories.

In a lyrical Passport story, “Checkmate in Chimbote” by Bob Van Laerhoven, we track a love-struck sound technician through the last, pivotal steps in a South American crime. The law catches up with the protagonist of Robert Lopresti’s story “The Accessory,” but on which side will the long arm land? Finally, an aspiring novelist in Roger Jones’s “Social Media” has to make an important decision about how much he can—or will—do to help someone in need. Don’t miss any of it: There could be a 2014 Readers Award winner here!

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Check out this month's podcast: “The Problem of the Country Inn” by Edward D. Hoch

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EQMM uses an online electronic submission system (http://eqmm.magazinesubmissions.com) that has been designed to streamline our process and improve communication with authors. We ask that all submissions be made through this system, rather than on paper. Please refer to our writers' guidelines for full details and instructions on manuscript formatting.

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Julius Accused

Julius Accused
by Dave Zeltserman
Art by Jason Eckhardt

“Les Nessman is at it again,” I informed Julius. “At this very moment he’s telling even more scurrilous lies about you than he was last week.”

Of course, the person I was referring to wasn’t really Les Nessman, since that’s the name of a character from the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati played by the actor Richard Sanders. . . .

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Parson Pennywick and the Murdered Owler

Parson Pennywick and the Murdered Owler
by Amy Myers

Art by Allen Davis

Sometimes a storm begins with the merest wisp of a cloud. From my parsonage at Cuckoo Leas, in a clear blue sky on a September day, I saw such a cloud appear. I had returned to my home well satisfied with my work. Fearing that there was one amongst us who threatened our village, I had looked after the needs of my flock, although there had seemed no trouble in store. . . .

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Don’t miss our July 2014 issue, which features stories by Bill Pronzini, Richard Helms, Frankie Y. Bailey, Alex Grecian and much more!

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