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Here, you will find highlights of each month's print issue – including excerpts from our award-winning short stories, our book-review column The Jury Box, and The Mystery Crossword.The place to be for a good mystery!
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EQMM June 2015

  In This Issue:

Where are you going, and what will you leave behind? It’s a driving force for many, including the characters in our June 2015 issue. In “The Last Time” by Sheila Kohler and “If Anything Happens to Me” by Helena Edwards, women think about their children and grandchildren—and how they can help them when faced with their own demise. 

A former child star in Brendan DuBois’s suspenseful “Her Final Shot” left the acting world behind, but what price secured her future? Opportunity for change is running out in both Mat Coward’s “On Borrowed Time,” about a dissatisfied member of a secret government department, and for an underworld employee in Alexander Pfeiffer’s Passport to Crime entry “On Your Eyelids I Pour Slumber,” the winner of last year’s Friedrich Glauser Prize. 

In “No Cabs After Midnight” by William Hallstead and “The False Knight” by Peter Turnbull (the latter starring Detectives Hennessey and Yellich), survivors try to find justice for their murdered loved ones’ legacies. It’s more about the road ahead in Scott Mackay’s “The Avocado Kid,” in which Detective Michael Grandy anguishes over his personal potential and his partner’s mistakes, when they’re both caught up in a puzzle of a murder case. But in other places, like the run-down apartment of James Warner’s quirky and humorous “The Postmen,” bright years ahead seem unlikely, even after a successful resolution to the case. In the end, see what someone will ultimately do for his own standing, and that of a loved one, in Sarah Weinman’s chilling and poignant “The Last Cut.” It’s a lineup of unforgettable characters—don’t miss it!

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 The Crime Scene

EQMM Nominated Stories, READ them here.
International Thiller Award
Richard Helms nominated for "Busting Red Heads" (3-4/14)
Stephen Ross nominated for "Pussycat, Pussycat" (9-10/14)
Tim L. Williams nominated for "The Last Wrestling Bear in West Kentucky" (9-10/14)

Anthony Award

Art Taylor nominated for, "The Odds Are Against Us" (11/14)
Paul D. Marks nominated for "Howling at the Moon" (11/14)

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Bestselling author Lawrence Block is no stranger to the pages of AHMM and EQMM. His story “Looking for David” (EQMM, 2/98) was nominated for an Edgar award, and he took second place in the 1985 EQMM Readers Award poll for “Like a Bug on a Windshield.” His story “Keller in Dallas” (EQMM, 2/11), featuring series hit man John Keller, can be found in the e-anthology The Crooked Road: Ellery Queen Presents Stories of Grifters, Gangsters, Hit Men, and Other Career CrooksHere is Lawrence Block talking about New York City, Keller's home base, for the NPR series Crime in the City. 

by Arthur Vidro: The Ransom of EQMM #1

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EQMM uses an online electronic submission system (http://eqmm.magazinesubmissions.com) that has been designed to streamline our process and improve communication with authors. We ask that all submissions be made through this system, rather than on paper. Please refer to our writers' guidelines for full details and instructions on manuscript formatting.

Articles & Photos Celebrating EQMM's 70th

Each month we will post a new puzzle for your solving entertainment. Just click here to download and print, but beware: the answer is on page 2. Enjoy!

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Her Final Shot

Her Final Shot
by Brendan DuBois
Art by Jason C. Eckhardt

I was ambushed for probably the twentieth time in my life after I left the Spencer post office, stepping out into the cool October afternoon, ready to face the day. Only a few roads in Spencer, New Hampshire, have rural free delivery, and mine wasn’t one of them. The day’s collection included a flyer from the local Congregational church for a ham-and-bean supper, my Visa bill, a women’s swimsuit catalogue from Land’s End, and, to help me manage my investments . . .

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The False Knight

The False Knight
by Peter Turnbull

Art by Allen Davis

That particular week the Vale of York baked under a relentless sun. It was, in fact, warmer in the Vale than it was along the sultry south coast of England. That week the builders toiled clothed only in shorts and boots, cars that could be were driven open-topped, tourists flocked to the ancient city of York where the pavements baked, children splashed in paddling pools, and dogs with dark fur suffered. . . .

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Check out our June 2015 issue featuring stories by Brendan DuBois, Scott Mackay, Sarah Weinman, Peter Turnbull and more!

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