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Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Fiction Podcasts

AHMM introduces The Hitchcock Podcast Series. Each month we'll post a reading of a story from our archives, supplemented with author interviews and interesting tidbits.

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine brings you the very best of crime fiction of all subgenres, from suspense to hardboiled to cozy to supernatural to traditional whodunits. And now you can listen to them in our podcasts. Come back frequently to check for new episodes!


“Madame Selina” by Janice Law
In our latest podcast, Lambda Award–winning author Janice Law reads the story in which her series character, medium Madame Selina, and her helper Nip first appear.

“Poor Dumb Mouths” by Bill Crenshaw
For our 60th anniversary, Bill Crenshaw reads his Robert L. Fish Award winning story "Poor Dumb Mouths," from the May 1984 issue of AHMM. 

“The Heist” by Kevin Egan
In this episode, Kevin Egan reads his story "The Heist" from the July/August 2016 issue, recorded live in our Lower Manhattan offices.

"A Lacking for Salt" by Martha Lufkin
In our 40th podcast, Martha Lufkin reads her first published short story "A Lacking for Salt" from the September 1997 issue of AHMM.

"The Hoard" by Chris Muessig
Chris Muessig reads his story "The Hoard" from the July/August 2014 issue, recorded on location at Bouchercon 2015.

"Across the Salween" by R. T. Lawton
R. T. Lawton reads his story "Across the Salween," part of the Shan Army series, from the November 2013 issue of AHMM.

"The End of the Line"
 by Leslie Budewitz

Author Leslie Budewitz reads her story "The End of the Line" from the December 2006 issue, and talks with Linda Landrigan about the story's inspiration and her other projects

"Drifts" by Eve Fisher
Eve Fisher reads her story "Drifts" from the January/February 2006 issue of AHMM. Recorded live at Bouchercon 2014 in Long Beach.

"Pit on the Road to Hell"
 by John Gregory Betancourt
John Gregory Betancourt reads his story "Pit on the Road to Hell" from the July/August 2006 issue of AHMM.

"The Kenduskeag Killer"
by Kathy Lynn Emerson
Kathy Lynn Emerson reads her story "The Kenduskeag Killer" from the April 2005 issue.

"One for the Road"
 by Gigi Vernon

Gigi Vernon reads her story "One for the Road" from the January/February 2006 issue. Recorded on location at Bouchercon 2013.

"The God of Right and Wrong"
by Steven Gore

Seth Norman reads Steven Gore's story "The God of Right and Wrong," from the January/February 2010 issue of AHMM

"Death at Olympia"
 by Marianne Wilski Strong

Marianne Wilski Strong reads her story "Death at Olympia" from the July/August 2003 issue of AHMM, selected and introduced by Linda Landrigan.

"Snake in the Sweetgrass" by Robert Lopresti
In our newest podcast, Robert Lopresti reads his story "Snake in the Sweetgrass" (AHMM 12/03), and just in time, since a sequel to it is included in the January/February 2014 issue, on sale next week. The reading features tunes played on the fiddle and the autoharp. You won't want to miss it!

"Ghost Negligence" by John Shepphird
John Cramer reads John Shepphird's Shamus-nominated story "Ghost Negligence" from the July/August 2012 issue of AHMM.

"Shadow People" by Rex Burns (Episode 26)
Rex Burns reads his story "Shadow People" from the June 2006 issue of AHMM.

"The Method in Her Madness"
by Tom Savage
Tom Savage reads his story "The Method in Her Madness" from the June 2005 issue of AHMM. His newest story for AHMM is in the current issue (June 2013).

"Strangle Vine"
by Shelley Costa (Episode 24)
Shelley Costa reads her story "Strangle Vine" from the November 2012 issue of AHMM.

"Jazreen" by L.A. Wilson, Jr.
Recorded live at Bouchercon 2012, L. A. Wilson Jr. reads his story "Jazreen," which was originally featured in the November 1997 issue and was reprinted in AHMM's electronic anthology.

"The First Day of Spring"
by Howell Hurst
For this episode, we reach back in our archives to the April 1969 issue for the story "The First Day of Spring" by Howell Hurst. More than forty years after the story’s publication, Mr. Hurst is turning it into a feature-length film, also called "The First Day of Spring," set in the present. Mr. Hurst reads the story and answers some questions we had about the creative process of translating a short story into film.

"Adjuncts Anonymous"by B. K. Stevens 
B. K. Stevens reads her story "Adjuncts Anonymous" from the June 2009 issue of AHMM.

"Boundary Bridge" by Stephen Ross
Stephen Ross reads his story "Boundary Bridge" from the March 2010 issue of AHMM. Featuring original music, written and performed by the author.

"After the Fall" by Elaine Viets
Elaine Viets reads her story "After the Fall" from the January/February 2006 issue of AHMM. Featuring a question and answer session with editor Linda Landrigan.

"The Explosives Expert" by John Lutz
John Lutz reads his story from the September 1967 issue of AHMM. Recorded live at Bouchercon 2011. 

"The Wall" by Rhys Bowen
Rhys Bowen reads her story "The Wall" from the July/August 2005 issue of AHMM, followed by a brief question and answer session between the author and editor Linda Landrigan.

"The MacGuffin Theft Case"by Steve Hockensmith
What does a top secret government project have to do with the invention of pizza as we know it? Steve Hockensmith reveals all in this story from our November 2005 issue.

"Akitada's First Case"by I.J. Parker
In this Shamus Award-winning story, which takes place in 11th century Japan, law clerk Sugawara Akitada is hired by a father whose daughter has suddenly disappeared. I.J. Parker is the author of seven Akitada novels, including the just-released The Masuda Affair (Severn House).

"The People Across the Canyon" by Margaret Millar
Douglas Greene, publisher of Crippen & Landru, reads Margaret Millar's work from her collection of stories The Couple Next Door, published by Crippen & Landru. "The People Across the Canyon" was reprinted in the November 2005 issue of AHMM as a Mystery Classic.

"Fandango by Flashlight" by Molly MacRae
In this cozy, read by the author, bookstore owner Margaret Welsh has noticed books disappearing from her store's shelves over several months, and now her elephant dung garden sculpture is missing too--could the garden thief and the bookworm be the same person?
"No Trouble At All" by Douglas Grant Johnson
A horrible crime might never have been uncovered if not for a retired schoolteacher's empathy with a young girl in distress.

"Digby, Attorney at Law" by Jim Fusilli
Jim Fusilli reads his Edgar-nominated story "Digby, Attorney at Law." 

"Between Minke and Mayrev" by Kenneth Wishnia
Characters from THE FIFTH SERVANT continue their adventures in 16th century Eastern Europe. 

"Burning Twilight" by Kenneth Wishnia 
A lady apothecary faces community suspicion in a tie-in with Mr. Wishnia's new novel, THE FIFTH SERVANT.

"A Crust of Rice" by Martin Limón
"A Crust of Rice" by Martin Limón is a tale of survival in the aftermath of the Korean War. A desperate young woman, Ji-na, searches for her erstwhile boyfriend, an American G.I., claiming that he beat and robbed her. She finds unexpected help in the form of Kimiko, an older and wiser "business woman."

"Click, Click, Click"  by R.T. Lawton
It seemed like a clear shot . . . A holiday caper by R. T. Lawton, read by AHMM's assistant editor, Laurel Fantauzzo.

"The End of the Train"  by Mike Wiecek
"The End of the Train" takes us to the Newark, New Jersey, train yards, where it appears a train loaded with dangerous chemicals has been inexplicably stolen. This story is from the June 2007 issue of AHMM.

"Killing Time" by Jane K. Cleland
The author herself reads her award-nominated story featuring Josie Prescott, an antiques dealer in New Hampshire.

"In Search Of" by Will Ludwigsen
From the June 2008 issue of AHMM, a tight tale with a rare perspective. The story is read by actor and playwright Daniel John Kelley ( ).

Come back frequently to check for new episodes!

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