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Blog Bytes 
by Bill Crider

S.J. Rozan’s short stories and novels are likely familiar to readers of this magazine, as Rozan has been published in its pages often. I last mentioned her blog (www.journalscape.com/sjrozan) back in 2008, and while it’s still at that location and new posts continue to appear, she now has a new Web site and promises to be blogging there (sjrozan.net/category/blog/) soon. She may have started by the time you read this, in fact, but at the old site she’s mentioned a number of interesting things, such as the fact that she’s selling her baseball cards at auction. It’s too late for you to bid now, but there were some nice cards in that group from 1960-61. She’s still doing the Saturday haiku too.

The Life Sentence (thelifesentence.net/) is a brand-new Web site that “both aspires to be a community for writers, reviewers, and fans to discuss current books, movies, television shows, and actual crimes, and to bring a new rigor and enthusiasm to these discussions.” It has sections devoted to essays on noir, true crime, cozies, espionage, and thrillers. There are book reviews and author interviews. More is on the way, and “future plans include coverage of comics (and actual comics!), slideshows, contests and giveaways, a podcast, conversations and tidbits from our Editorial Board, recipes and, if we are lucky, some cute pet pictures.” Maybe they’re joking about the cats. You should check in and find out.

Debbi Mack is a best-selling writer of hardboiled and noir fiction, and she’s a regular blogger at her website (www.debbimack.com/blog/). She writes about all kinds of things, from her favorite noir films to her favorite comic strips to her writing life. Updated regularly and always entertaining.

If you have an interest in weapons, you should have a look at Benjamin Sobieck’s site, The Writer’s Guide to Weapons (crimefictionbook.com/). He talks about guns and knives with an insider’s knowledge and insights. Don’t let the title of the blog mislead you. The kind of information here, while invaluable to writers, should also interest readers, with topics like “What’s a Good Cop Knife?” to “Assault Weapons vs. Assault Rifles vs. What You’ve Heard.” Everything is presented with clarity and precision, so you don’t have to be an expert to understand it, although you might feel like one after you read it. Check it out.

 Bill Crider’s latest Sheriff Dan Rhodes novel is Half inLove with Artful Death from St. Martin’s Press.

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