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Blog Bytes 
by Bill Crider

I mentioned Max Allan Collins’ blog (www.maxallancollins.com/blog) several years ago, but I believe it’s changed addresses since then. I’m mentioning it again so you won’t miss out on anything. How Collins finds time to blog, considering all his other writing-related activities, is a mystery to me, but he comes up with consistently good posts week after week. I especially enjoy his discussions of movies, like a recent one in which he explains why you can’t trust the critics when it comes to judging sequels. He has a good report on the PWA Shamus Award Banquet at the Long Beach Bouchercon, too. You really can’t go wrong with this blog. If you’re looking for a good, solid blog with nothing but book reviews, click over to Mystery & Me (mysteryandme.blogspot.com), where Allene serves them up regularly. She has eclectic taste, having “started with early shades of Nancy Drew, blossomed into Agatha Christie, with sparks of Shakespeare and a dash of Mickey Spillane.” Recently she reviewed one of Desmond Cory’s books about Johnny Fedora. Cory’s an almost forgotten writer now, and it’s always good to see one of his novels get a favorable comment.

Glorious Trash (glorioustrash.blogspot.com) is where you can find Joe Kenney’s reviews of gloriously trashy books, many of them men’s adventure novels from series like the Death Merchant, the Guardians, the Hitman, the Marksman, the Headhunters, and a lot more. You might not want to read these books yourself, and that’s fine because Kenney reads them for you and reports on them in loving, even glorious, detail. He occasionally publishes correspondence he’s received from at least a couple of writers who wrote these books, making the blog a great place to learn a lot of mostly ignored paperback history.

Benjamin Sobieck is another writer and blogger. The blog is CrimeFiction Book.com (crimefictionbook.com/apps/blog), and Sobieck has both reviews and interviews with other writers (Les Edgerton, for one). He also has a link to material about his book Weapons for Writers, and he invites writers to e-mail him if they have questions about guns and knives. Sounds like a good deal to me, especially for anybody who needs to ask an expert, and the question will be turned into a post on Sobieck’s blog. He even has a link to some free fiction, or he did at the time of this writing. Check it out.

Bill Crider’s latest Sheriff Dan Rhodes novel is Half inLove with Artful Death from St. Martin’s Press.

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