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EQMM Author and Story Index


Allyn, Doug: The Snow Angel January 2
    The Bandit Ballads March/April 4
    The Hobby Cop Sept/Oct 46
Appel, René: Red-Handed December 77
Arruda, Suzanne: Deep Shaft November 45
Bailey, Frankie Y.: In Her Fashion July 56
Bauer, Belinda: Two for the Price of One August 107
Benson, Susan Perry: Summer Solstice Sept/Oct 35
Beyerlein, Nathan: Following the Likely Path of the Moon Bear March/April 126
Bond, Molly: Bare As Bones May 57
Breen, Jon L.: The Jury Box May, November
Cameron, Dana: Declaration August 2
Carr, Dara: When I’m Famous June 63
Cody, Liza: A Hand June 25
Crider, Bill: Blog Bytes Jan–Dec
    Gorilla of the Gasbags March/April 77
Davidson, Hilary: My Sweet Angel of Death December 61
Dean, David: Murder Town February 37
    The Assumption of Seamus Tyrrell March/April 60
    Neighbor August 84
Dean, Zoë Z.: Getaway Girl November 77
DeColta, Ramon: Death in the Pasig August 18
Dobbyn, John F.: Bright Diamond March/April 150
DuBois, Brendan: Bond of Brothers March/April 142
    Cold Island August 72
    The Very Best Neighbor Sept/Oct 88
Emerson, Allan J.: Judgment Day December 106
EQMM Reader’s Award (2013) May 66
Estleman, Loren D.: Admit One February 31
Faherty, Terence: The Red-Headed League February 2
    A Case of Identity February 105
    Ghost Town Sept/Oct 21
Frazier, Meredith: Night Belongs to the Animals July 84
Gorman, Ed: Calculated Risk May 2
Grecian, Alex: Unknown Caller July 93
Greer, Lu: Six Hours May 86
Guillebeau, Michael: The Man in the Moon March/April 52
    Crimes of Passion August 27
Halstead, Howard: Limelight January 57
Halter, Paul: Jacob’s Ladder February 17
Hancock, Penny: Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend July 73
Harris, Charlaine: Sarah Smiles Sept/Oct 4
Helms, Richard: Busting Red Heads March/April 101
    Second Sight Unseen July 32
Herren, Greg: The E-mail Always Pings Twice Sept/Oct 172
Hodges, Nicola: The Much-Frequented House Sept/Oct 119
Jakeman, Jane: Mols February 95
Jonasson, Ragnar: Death of a Sunflower January 95
Jones, Roger: Social Media June 93
Kohler, Sheila: Ward 6 November 2
Knadler, David: Lost Horse Road March/April 159
Lepovetsky, Lisa: Noodling January 70
Levinson, Robert S.: My Mom, the Movies, and Me May 40
Lewin, Michael Z.: A Question of Fathers May 17
Lewis, Evan: Skyler Hobbs and the Smarter Brother February 82
Lin, Szu-Yen: The Ghost of the Badminton Court August 53
Lopresti, Robert: The Accessory June 87
Malliet, G.M.: Home for the Holidays January 27
Marks, Paul D.: Howling at the Moon November 54
McDermid, Val: I Remember Yesterday Sept/Oct 168
McFadden, Dennis: The Purloined Pigs January 30
Michael, Becky: Romantivores March/April 140
Milchman, Jenny: The Very Old Man July 21
Monfredo, Miriam Grace: The Tavern-Keeper’s Daughter December 90
Motz, Jutta: The Russian Woman March/April 186
Myers, Amy: Murder and the Spiderbrusher January 101
    Parson Pennywick and the Murdered Owler June 76
    Murder and the Golden Slipper August 43
Oates, Joyce Carol: Equatorial December 2
Orsi, Carlos: Best Eaten Cold July 99
O’Shaughnessy, Perri: Glory of the Worms and Snakes March/April 21
Parker, Percy Spurlark: Some Flames Never Die January 73
    Splitting Adams July 52
Piper, Arthur: Ash August 101
Poulson, Christine: Roller-Coaster Ride December 81
Powell, James: Blunt Instruments January 88
    The Theft of the Clown Jules May 79
    It’s a Wonderful Rat Race November 22
Pronzini, Bill: Hooch June 56
    It Couldn’t Be Done? July 2
    The Gold Stealers Sept/Oct 154
    Who You Been Grapplin’ With? December 50
Rader-Day, Lori: Over Her Body March/April 119
Ramage, J.M.: The Spectre of Olšanské Hřbitovy Sept/Oct 79
Richter, Joan: The Golden Peacock November 96
Rintarō, Norizuki: The Lure of the Green Door November 27
Robinette, Carl: The Hard Type Sept/Oct 112
Rogers, Cheryl: King Brown February 11
Rogers, Stephen D.: Knowledge and Consent (verse) March/April 141
Ross, Stephen: Pussycat, Pussycat Sept/Oct 71
Schleheck, Regina: Ground Meat May 75
Schofield, Neil: And Little Lambs Eat Ivy May 67
Schuren, Shannon: Lily’s Beef February 58
Solana, Teresa: The Importance of Family Bonds Sept/Oct 183
Steinbock, Steve: The Jury Box Jan–Mar/Apr
June–Sept/Oct, December
Taylor, Art: The Odds Are Against Us November 90
Tobin, Brian: Teddy May 96
Todd, Marilyn: Heaven Knows January 43
    Fruit of All Evil March/April 173
    Bad Taste June 103
    Blood Red Roses Sept/Oct 97
Tolnay, Tom: The Trash-Can Gang Sept/Oct 62
Turnbull, Peter: Pancras Sullivan July 77
    The Mushroom Picker November 63
Van Laerhoven, Bob: Checkmate in Chimbote June 47
Wallace, Joseph: Jaguar Sept/Oct 128
Warthman, Dan: Gaslight March/April 91
Weinreb, Michael: The Ocean November 110
Wellinger, Chad: Dead Ringer February 71
Wignall, Kevin: The Messenger December 39
Wiley, Michael: Concrete Town December 72
Williams, Tim L.: The Last Wrestling Bear in West Kentucky Sept/Oct 142
Zeltserman, Dave: Julius Katz and a Tangled Webb March/April 37
    Julius Accused June 2


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