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EQMM Author and Story Index


Author Story Issue Page
 ALLINGTON, MAYNARD  The Appointment  June  38
   Pleasure Park  November  20
 ALLYN, DOUG  A Penny for the Boatman  March/April   4
   Bloodline   November  96
 ANDREWS, DONNA  Normal  May  93
 BARNARD, ROBERT  The Last Days of the Hols  March/April  149
   The New Slavery  July   51
 BAYARD, LOUIS  Notes Toward a Novel of Love in the Dog Park  November  48
 BENTON, CAROLINE  A Game of Patience  June  79 
 BETANCOURT, LUIS ADRIÁN  Indiscreet Window   June  60
 BLOCK, LAWRENCE  Keller in Dallas  February  3
   Dolly’s Trash and Treasures  May  3
 BREEN, SUSAN  Dear Murderer  February  25
 BREEN, JON L  The Jury Box   January–May &
   EQMM After Fred Dannay  December  79
 BRETT, SIMON  Method Murder  March/April  89
   Work Experience  Sept/Oct       91
 BUCHANON, JOHN  Back in the Woods  July  78
 CAMERON, DANA  Disarming    June  24
 CLINE, ERIC  Two Dwarves and Eight Chained Ourang-Outangs  June  104
 CODY, LISA  Mr Bo  January       91
 COLE,WILLIAM  Waiting for Rusty  Sept/Oct  56
 COOPER, MIKE  Whiz Bang     Sept/Oct  135
 COREY, TRINA  The Backyard Cow  March/April  165
   Facts Exhibiting Wantonness  November  29
 CRIDER, BILL  Blog Bytes   


 CUTLER, JUDITH  Cheating the Hangman  March/April  29
   Turning the Tables  July  15
 DAVIDSON, HILARY  Hedge Hog  Sept/Oct  83
 DAVIS, JIM  Golf Etiquette  February  43
 DEAN, DAVID  Tap-Tap  March/April  122
   Tomorrow’s Dead  July  26
   Praying Mantis  August  96
 DEUTSCH, KEITH ALAN  An Enduring Publishing Bond  July  25
 DHOOGE, BAVO  Stinking Plaster  Sept/Oct   75
 DUBOIS, BRENDAN  Witness Protection         Sept/Oct  19
   The Tardy Guest  November  87
 DURHAM,MEENAKSHI GIGI  Someone Like You  May  31
 ELROD, P N  Beach Girl  November  73
 EQMM READER’S AWARD (2010)    May  15
 ESTLEMAN, LOREN D  A Wolfe in Chic Clothing  Sept/Oct  177
 FAHERTY, TERENCE  A Bullet From Yesterday    January  9
   No Mystery  March/April  157
 GOLDBERG, LEE  Mr Monk and the Sunday Paper  July  2
 GUILLEBEAU, MICHAEL  A Study in Detail  May  75
 HANNIGAN, SHAWN MATTHEW  Mystery Sonnet: Agatha Christie (verse)   March/April  28
 HARPER, C J  Icarus  March/April  66
 HASKINS, MICHAEL  Vampire Slayer Murdered in Key West  Sept/Oct  101
 HOCH, EDWARD D  The Long Way Down  March/April  173
   What’s It All About?  December  18
 HOWARD, CLARK  Turning Leo  May  16
   Crystal Death    June  2
   Hangman’s Rhapsody  Sept/Oct  152
 HUTCHINGS, JANET  EQMM Turns 70!  January  39
   A Global Focus   March/April  37
   The Changing Face of EQMM   August  53
   Letter to Readers  Sept/Oct  7
 INGRAM, DAVID H  A Good Man of Business  January  43
 JAHNEKE, ERIKA  Shelf-Cocked  March/April  83
 JONES, ROGER  Clouds  August   54
 KEENAN-MASON, MAUREEN  The Investigation of Boyfriend #17  December  48
 KING, JONATHON  When I Drink Alone  Sept/Oct  124
 KLAVAN, ANDREW  The Advent Reunion   January  104
 LOVESEY, PHIL  Stardust    May  80
 LEVINSON, ROBERT S  The Killing of Stacey Janes  June  63
 LEWIN, MICHAEL Z  Powder Goes Hunting  February  95
   Clown  Sept/Oct  147
   Who I Am   December  86
 LUNDIN, LEIGH  English   May  90
 LYNCH, BERNARD  Track of the One-Eyed Cat  Sept/Oct   59
 MACKAY, SCOTT  The Girl With the Golden Hair  December  64
 MACKER, RICHARD  Signed “Mutual Trust”   February      61
   The Intell Club   November  39
 MARKLUND, LIZA  The Wood Thief  January  27 
 MARON,MARGARET  Lie Like a Rug   March/April  63
 MARSTON, EDWARD  Safe and Sound  February  86
 MARTINS, LUÍS  The Ides of March  December  20
 MATERA, LIA  The Children  Sept/Oct   4
 MAZUK, HARLEY  The Tall Blonde With the Hot Boiler  January  62
 MCCARTHY, KEITH  The Invisible Gunman   December  2
 MELO, PATRÍCIA  Fly Me to the Moon  March/April  101
 MULLER,MARCIA & BILL PRONZINI  The Chatelaine Bag  June  49
 MURRAY, NINA  Last Notes  July  57
 MYERS, AMY  Seeing Red  February  32
   The King of Oudh’s Curry   July  102
   Murder of a Muffin Man    August   77
 NELSON, SHANE  Beer Money  February  54
 NEVINS, FRANCIS M  EQMM: The Dannay Years  November  58
 PACHTER, JOSH  iMurder  July  48
 PAOLI, GINA  Dog on a Cow  February  74
 PHILIP, NIJO  The Picnic  November  64
 PIKE, SUE  Where the Snow Lay Dinted  January  54
 POULSON, CHRISTINE  Vanishing Act  March/April  137
 POWELL, JAMES  Snowman Stew     January  79
   The Teapot Mountie Ball    March/April  108
   Last Laugh in Floogle Park  July  86
 PRONZINI, BILL & MARCIA MULLER  The Chatelaine Bag  June  49
   Man Cave       Sept/Oct  117
 QUEEN, ELLERY  The Adventure of the One-Penny Black  Sept/Oct  43
   Uncle From Australia       November  55
 ROGERS, CHERYL  Serious Bling  August   36
   Cold War        Sept/Oct   187
 ROLAND, AN  In Waiting   December  43
 RUBENSTEIN, BRUCE  Everything That Goes Up Must Continue to Go Up   December  24
 RUDOLPH, ULRIKE  Duck in the Pudding   July  69
 RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN  Local Knowledge  November  2
 SANDERS, SCOTT LORING  Jim Limey’s Confession   May  67
 SAYLOR, STEVEN  The Monumental Gaul  August  2
 SCHOFIELD, NEIL  Detour    July  95
 SILVIS, RANDALL  Snap    June  88
 SINGH, SUNNY  The Wait  May   105
 STEINBOCK, STEVE  The Jury Box     June–Sept/Oct
 & December
 SUIT, VERNA  The Mystery Crossword  January  40
 TAYLOR, ART  A Drowning at Snow’s Cut    May  53
 TODD, MARILYN  Something Rather Fishy   August  67 
   Show Time      Sept/Oct    28
 TOLNAY, TOM  Summertime and the Livin’s Easy in Saratoga  August   87
 TREMAYNE, PETER  This Thing of Darkness  May  40
 TRIMM, MIKAL  The Gap   December  59
 TURNBULL, PETER  The Man Who Took His Hat Off to the Driver of the Train  March/April  57
 VERY, PIERRE  The Mystery of the Green Room  August   46
 WILLIAMS, TIM L  Half-Lives   March/April  38
 WILSON, JOHN MORGAN  One-Hit Wonder       March/April  118
 WRIGHT, ERIC  Au Bon Coin  March/April  146
 YATES, DONALD A  A Study in Scarlatti  February   69
 ZELTSERMAN, DAVE  The Mentor  March/April  187
   Some People Deserve to Die  August   25
   A Hostage Situation        Sept/Oct  172
 ZELVIN, ELIZABETH  Navidad    January  2


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