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Here, you will find highlights of each month's print issue – including excerpts from our award-winning short stories, our book-review column The Jury Box, and The Mystery Crossword.The place to be for a good mystery!
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EQMM January 2015

  In This Issue:

This year’s holiday issue radiates some merriment and a bit of magic, but lots of winter’s chill as well. Tales transpire over the bar top in the WWII Christmas story “Last Call” by Lou Manfredo; in “The Bar Story” by Ron Carlson, in which a dark narrative inspires an equally dark reality; and in “Christmas, Etc., Is Coming” by Bill James, a Harpur and Iles procedural set in a socially aspiring gangster’s club. 

Holiday traditions are different for everyone, as we see in the irreverent “Police Navidad” by Josh Pachter, in which a cop’s holiday beat takes an unusual turn, and in the contemplative “A Letter to Santa” by Ragnar Jónasson, in which a recent widower is left waiting for a knock on the door. A holiday treat of sorts is in play in “God Is Good” by Dennis McFadden, which also features a “witch” and a town bully. 

In the Department of First Stories, Russell W. Johnson’s protagonist has a few tricks up her sleeve for her magician boyfriend (“Chung Ling Soo’s Greatest Trick”), while in the hitman Sally escapade “Doctor, Doctor,” by William Link, our hero is tasked with an assignment he’d need otherworldly powers to complete—killing a cancer. If you’ve ever had a particularly nasty neighbor, you won’t want to miss Ruth Moose’s short-short “Born Mean” —though what her protagonist does about it isn’t for everyone! 

Holidays inspire some to want to get away from all the fuss and bother—to someplace warm or someplace tranquil. We’ve got both: Michael Haskins’s “Hemingway’s Typewriter” takes us to the Florida Keys, where “Mad Mick” Murphy tries to help a friend, and Melissa Yi’s darkly comic “Om” is centered around a yoga retreat on an urban yacht. 

Closing out the issue is Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s nail-bighting adventure of escape and survival, “Christmas Eve at the Exit.” So grab a blanket and greet the season with us—you won’t regret it!

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Due to a printing error in the December 2014 issue, the final pages of our 2014 Index, the conclusion of "Blog Bytes," as well as our Readers Award Ballot are missing. Please click here for the 2014 Index, the entire "Blog Bytes" column, and look in our January 2015 issue for the Readers
Award Ballot. We apologize for any confusion.

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Bestselling author Lawrence Block is no stranger to the pages of AHMM and EQMM. His story “Looking for David” (EQMM, 2/98) was nominated for an Edgar award, and he took second place in the 1985 EQMM Readers Award poll for “Like a Bug on a Windshield.” His story “Keller in Dallas” (EQMM, 2/11), featuring series hit man John Keller, can be found in the e-anthology The Crooked Road: Ellery Queen Presents Stories of Grifters, Gangsters, Hit Men, and Other Career CrooksHere is Lawrence Block talking about New York City, Keller's home base, for the NPR series Crime in the City. 

by Arthur Vidro: The Ransom of EQMM #1

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EQMM uses an online electronic submission system (http://eqmm.magazinesubmissions.com) that has been designed to streamline our process and improve communication with authors. We ask that all submissions be made through this system, rather than on paper. Please refer to our writers' guidelines for full details and instructions on manuscript formatting.

Articles & Photos Celebrating EQMM's 70th

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God Is Good

God Is Good
by Dennis McFadden
Art by Mark Evan Walker

Perhaps she wasn’t a witch in the strictest sense of the term, as she had no malignant supernatural powers (so far as anyone knew), she practiced no witchcraft per se (so far as anyone knew), but to all the children of Hartsgrove, Edna Harriger was nevertheless known as the old witch who lived on Taylor Street. She and her spooky old house were to be avoided. 

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Who You Been Grapplin' With?

Christmas Eve at the Exit
by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Art by Jason C. Eckhardt

Will Santa know how to find us?” Anne-Marie asked as she hopped out of the van.
“Of course he will, honey,” Rachel said, just like she’d said every time they’d stopped.
Anne-Marie didn’t answer. She slammed the door hard enough to shake the entire vehicle, and hurried across the empty ice-covered parking lot. 

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