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Here, you will find highlights of each month's print issue – including excerpts from our award-winning short stories, our book-review column The Jury Box, and The Mystery Crossword.The place to be for a good mystery!
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EQMM February 2015

  In This Issue:

Kick off your yearly Sherlockian celebration with EQMM’s February issue, on sale just in time for the eminent sleuth’s Twelfth Night birthday parties. This annual tribute includes another in the series of Holmes parodies by Terence Faherty, from the “unedited” accounts of Dr. Watson (“The Man with the Twisted Lip”). Then, join us as we snake through the London streets of Barbara Nadel’s tale “Our Little Secrets,” about an infamous contemporary of Holmes’s. 

Looking elsewhere in time, we join an ancient Alexandrian magistrate trying to get out of a tricky political situation (in Thomas K. Carpenter’s “The Trouble with Virgins”), and a brother doing what he can to protect his family in 1950s New England (in Brendan DuBois’s “Leap of Faith”). 

Ireland is the setting for O. A. Tynan’s “Accessory to Murder,” which evokes some classic movies in a most unusual way; and Jane Haddam adds a touch of sinister humor to the issue with “Crazy Cat Ladies.” 

Not just the game is afoot, but also “The Hunt,” in Rob Brunet’s baleful story set on a lake-bound island—and while we’re in lake country, we also have Michael Haynes’s “Lakeside Memories,” which takes place at a vacation home with a past, turned ominous with a hint of the supernatural. The issue also features “Fall of a Fantasy,” Jim Allyn’s Black Mask narrative, fraught with emotional tension and dark deeds, and “After the Fall,” Bram Dehouck’s twisty Passport to Crime story. Books reviewed in this month’s Jury Box all have a Sherlockian theme. This is a three-pipe issue—don’t miss it!

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 The Crime Scene

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Check out this month's Blog Bytes by Bill Crider

Bestselling author Lawrence Block is no stranger to the pages of AHMM and EQMM. His story “Looking for David” (EQMM, 2/98) was nominated for an Edgar award, and he took second place in the 1985 EQMM Readers Award poll for “Like a Bug on a Windshield.” His story “Keller in Dallas” (EQMM, 2/11), featuring series hit man John Keller, can be found in the e-anthology The Crooked Road: Ellery Queen Presents Stories of Grifters, Gangsters, Hit Men, and Other Career CrooksHere is Lawrence Block talking about New York City, Keller's home base, for the NPR series Crime in the City. 

by Arthur Vidro: The Ransom of EQMM #1

Electronic Submissions For Writers:
EQMM uses an online electronic submission system (http://eqmm.magazinesubmissions.com) that has been designed to streamline our process and improve communication with authors. We ask that all submissions be made through this system, rather than on paper. Please refer to our writers' guidelines for full details and instructions on manuscript formatting.

Articles & Photos Celebrating EQMM's 70th

Each month we will post a new puzzle for your solving entertainment. Just click here to download and print, but beware: the answer is on page 2. Enjoy!

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The Man with the Twisted Lip

The Man with the Twisted Lip
by Terence Faherty
Art by Allen Davis

Asa Whitley, brother of the late Sir William Whitley, of the Society for the Improvement of Drains, was a rake’s rake. The pursuit of women—tall or short, fat or lean—was a habit that dated from his college days, when, needing money for books, he’d undertaken part-time employment as a fitter of bustles, during that fashion appliance’s 1881 vogue. Like so many men before him, he’d found the desire for female companionship a hunger not easily sated. 

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Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith
by Brendan DuBois

Art by Laurie Harden

It took me three tries before I found the old dirt road, on the outskirts of the small Massachusetts town where I had grown up. The road twisted and turned, and ended up in a wide turnaround. There used to be a trail that went up a high slope, but now there was a chain-link fence blocking access. Every few feet there was a no trespassing sign, contrasting with trespassers will be prosecuted. I parked the rental car, got out, walked over to the fence.

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DON'T MISS our March/April 2015 double issue featuring stories by S. J. Rozan, Doug Allyn, Dave Zeltserman, Loren D. Estleman, Paula Daly, David Dean, Sheila Kohler and more!

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