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Welcome to Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine! Each month our magazine is packed with original mystery short stories varying from short-shorts to novellas. You will find every type of mystery fiction from classic whodunits to hardboiled tales to suspense, and everything in between! Each issue is packed with the best mystery has to offer. Plus you'll enjoy author interviews, writing contests, and our "Mystery Classic" — an outstanding tale from the genre's past. For a taste of what's inside AHMM, one of the world's leading mystery magazines, check out the story excerpts, book reviews, and mystery puzzle right here on this site, or listen to a podcast of a few of our stories. Don't miss out — Subscribe today!
AHMM October 2014 

In This Issue: 

Old friends? Colleagues? Law enforcement officers? Many of this month’s stories revolve around questions of trust and betrayal. A woman in witness protection is shaken by the transfer of her trusted handler in Joseph D’Agnese’s “Harm and Hammer.” An academic star and mentor appears to have ill-placed his trust when he turns up dead in “A Haven of Learning . . . and Death” by Julie Tollefson. Staying within the ivied walls, the student/teacher bond is strained in Dan Warthman’s story “Reputation Adjustment.” Similarly, the patient/therapist relationship takes an unexpected turn in Max Gersh’s tale “In Therapy.” In Susan Oleksiw’s “Francetta Repays Her Debt to Society,” a woman just released from prison revisits her old connections, and long-time friends and bandmates recall some ancient history in “The Frontman’s Journey” by Alannah Davis O’Dell. Finally, a British civil servant confronts a past betrayal in the very poignant story “Voids” by Linda Mannheim.

While the characters in this month’s tales are well advised to keep their friends close and their enemies closer, you can trust AHMM to deliver engaging crime stories.

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The Crime Scene

If you missed B. K. Stevens' Macavity- and Agatha-nominated story "Thea's First Husband" in the June 2012 issue, don't miss it here! 

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine Presents: 13 Tales of New American Gothic. Get your copy today!

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at Trace Evidence, where Linda Landrigan and guests blog about mysteries, short stories, and the craft of writing. 

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We are now hosting the very best of crime fiction podcasts! Visit our Podcast page to hear great mystery stories from our pages, complete with exclusive author interviews and fun tidbits.

Bestselling author Lawrence Block is no stranger to the pages of AHMM and EQMM. His story “Looking for David” (EQMM, 2/98) was nominated for an Edgar award, and he took second place in the 1985 EQMM Readers Award poll for “Like a Bug on a Windshield.” His story “Keller in Dallas” (EQMM, 2/11), featuring series hit man John Keller, can be found in the e-anthology The Crooked Road: Ellery Queen Presents Stories of Grifters, Gangsters, Hit Men, and Other Career CrooksHere is Lawrence Block talking about New York City, Keller's home base, for the NPR series Crime in the City.

The digital version of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine is now available from AmazonBarnes & Noble, Apple iPadMagzter, Google Play and Kobo.

AHMM and The Wolfe Pack, the official Nero Wolfe appreciation society, team up each year to sponsor an annual writing contest that seeks to honor an unpublished work of fiction written in the tradition of the Nero Wolfe mystery stories by Rex Stout. Rex Stout was a master of the novella form and published dozens of novellas featuring the corpulent and irascible detective Nero Wolfe and his sidekick Archie Goodwin. Today, the novella is uncommon, though AHMM has a long tradition of publishing novellas. More information on the contest, including submission guidelines, can be found here.

Reputation Adjustment

Reputation Adjustment
by Dan Warthman
Art by Tom Pokinko

Reputation adjustment,” Akin says. “You know what that is?”

Jones says, “It sounds self-explanatory.”

“It’s an Internet thing. Trying to manipulate what shows up on search engines. Minimize the bad stuff, maximize the good.” Akin cups his hands, blows on his palms, rubs them together. “Aren’t you cold, man?”

They’re sitting on the patio at Aroma Caffe, what Akin calls Jones’s java joint, because Jones spends a lot of time here since retiring and buying his condo in Elmwood Village.

It’s a chilly morning, a bright, cold sun skimming the autumn foliage along Bidwell Parkway.

Jones is wearing a deep-red cotton pullover sweater and a charcoal corduroy sport coat. Akin is in a long-sleeved shirt, which he has buttoned to the neck.

“One time when I was a kid,” Jones says, “my dad let me miss school, and we drove to a ball game in Cleveland. The Indians were playing the Red Sox, and it was going to be Ted Williams’s last game in Cleveland. You know who he was?”

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The Frontman’s Journey

The Frontman’s Journey
By Alannah Davis O’Dell

Art by Ally Hodges

Aug McCobb jabbed the radio button hard. Static continued to mock him from the speakers.

“Bleedin’ hell!” he snarled. With his attention to the car radio and his lack of attention to actually driving, the rented minivan wandered into the next lane. Not a good thing while doing eighty miles per hour down a six-lane interstate highway somewhere north of Chicago.

A horn blared. From the passenger’s seat, Joe Montgomery watched Aug yell a rude comment out the window, yank at the steering wheel with his left hand, and continue to attack the radio tuner with his right.

Joe decided to ignore the drama. He knew all too well how difficult the past year had been for the normally gentle and soft-spoken Aug. Let him get it out.

Knackered from the impromptu seventeen-hour road trip, Joe cradled one hand beneath his head and relaxed back against the seat. It had long ago ceased to bother him that, when he brought a hand to his head, he touched more skin than hair. Up until a few years ago, he’d sported the flowing locks that had once helped label their group, Red Daxin, as one of the heavy metal “hair bands” of the 1980s. 

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Don't miss our November issue with stories from John Shepphird, Joseph Goodrich, Elaine Viets, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and more!

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A Mysterious Photograph contest — Submit your 250-word story inspired by an imagination-stirring photograph. The winning story is published in a future issue.

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